Introduction to SELGYC

The Spanish Society of General and Comparative Literature was founded in Madrid in 1977 with the aim of promoting the study of literature in all its manifestations. Since its establishment, the Society has been organizing a biennial symposium dedicated to General and Comparative Literature.

The SELGyC also publishes the annual journal 1616, Anuario de Literatura Comparada. The management of this journal is handled by Ediciones de la Universidad de Salamanca, and its director is the president of SELGyC, Margarita Alfaro.

The Proceedings of the Symposia have been published by the universities hosting these biennial Symposia. Other publications by SELGyC can be found in the Publications section.

The Society is currently presided over by Margarita Alfaro Amieiro (2023-2027), preceded in this position by professors Dámaso López García, Montserrat Cots, Carlos Alvar, Carlos García Gual, Manuel Fernández Galiano (deceased), and Academicians of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), Fernando Lázaro Carreter (deceased), Claudio Guillén (deceased), and Darío Villanueva, all of whom hold or held the status of honorary members. The position of president was also held by the late professor Margarita Smerdou Altolaguirre.

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